Yichen Lu, Ph.D.

Dr. Yichen Lu is the chief executive officer of Vaccine Technology Inc. (VTI) in Boston, Massachusetts and the president of Haikou VTI Biological Institute in Haikou, China. Haikou VTI Biological Institute is a privately held company engaged in the development of vaccines and diagnostic kits. These products include a therapeutic vaccine for HIV infection, Choleragarde® (a live-attenuated single dose oral vaccine for cholera), a therapeutic vaccine for chronic Hepatitis B infection, and a new cellular immune response diagnostic kit for tuberculosis. Haikou VTI Biological Institute has a 7000 m2 GMP pilot production facility, constructed in compliance with the Chinese FDA regulations, to produce biological products for clinical studies. VTI is also collaborating with Matrivax R&D Corporation to produce PCMV based pneumococcal vaccines in China.

Dr. Lu also serves as the Chairman of the board for a US/China joint venture company that operates a 5000 m2 GMP production facility and a vaccine preclinical safety evaluation center in Haikou, China.