• Nicole Ruggiero

C. difficile Workshop with Kevin Killeen

Please join us at World Vaccine Congress 2020, in Washington D.C.

April 6, 2020 at 10:00


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has named C. difficile infections an urgent public health threat and the leading hospital-acquired infection in the U.S. With an enormous human toll, and significant health care costs, there is a clear need to prevent and treat this infection. Join us in this workshop as we hear from experts on their promising approaches to tackle the infection.

Workshop Leader: Kevin Killeen, Chief Scientific Officer, Matrivax

-Vaccine Effort Therapies

-Antibiotics: Merck’s DIFICID® (fidaxomicin)



-Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Kevin Killeen, Chief Scientific Officer, Matrivax R & D Corp

Mena Boules, Associate Medical Director, Medical Affairs, Gastroenterology, FERRING Pharmaceuticals

Pamela Sears, Vice President Clinical Science, Merck

Elizabeth Hohmann, Infectious Disease, Massachusetts General Hospital

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