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C. difficile Vaccine

A vaccine is needed for prevention of C. difficile disease

The standard of care for patients experiencing Clostridiodes difficile infection (CDI), commonly termed antibiotic-associated diarrhea, is antibiotic therapy which ironically can create further harmful unbalancing of the intestinal microbiota and lead to antibiotic resistance.  There is a pressing need to develop and implement alternative prophylactic and therapeutic options to prevent and/or treat CDI.


Many C. difficile vaccine candidates have been tested in large, late-phase clinical trials but currently, there are no approved vaccines for CDI.

MVX02 Graph Improved.jpg

Antibody titers in mice immunized with naked PSII polysaccharide or PSII-CRM197 conjugate

MVX02: A multivalent vaccine targeting a bacterial cell surface polysaccharide and toxins A and B

All prophylactic vaccine candidates in development have targeted toxins A and B, the primary causes of disease symptoms. 


Matrivax is doing something different! 


We are developing MVX02, a vaccine candidate that targets the PSII polysaccharide,  an antigen found on all C. difficile strain cell surfaces, and toxins A and B.  Neutralization of toxins A and B coupled with the concurrent reduction in bacterial colonization will synergize towards a more efficacious vaccine. 

Our preclinical animal models show that the PSII-protein (CRM197) conjugate is immunogenic and reduces bacterial colonization, and a vaccine combining PSII-protein conjugate and toxoids A and B confers improved animal protection over toxoid A/B vaccination upon C. difficile challenge. 

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